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LIGNIFER IPARI SZÖVETKEZET - 2117 Isaszeg, Ady Endre u. 47. - tel.: +36-28-495-709


SPF Poultry Isolator / UNIZ-600

With temperature and with negative and positive pressure control





This universal poultry isolator is manufactured according to the EU guidelines GT123 to meet the stringent requirements of animal research on various species of fowl.

This sealed isolation system retains all airborne pathogens and allergens, assuring (by the filter system / HEPA and prefilters) the maximum containment of hazardous agents from sensitive areas and protects the occupants from any influences.

Depending on the characteristics of the biological tests and experiments the isolated area (chamber) can be used under vacuum (negative pressure) or overpressure (positive).

The optimal parameters (temperature, pressure) needed for the tests and expriments can be easily adjusted by the built-in micro computer (PLC) which keeps the adjusted values during the whole procedure of the tests and experiments as well as the PLC gives sound signal and textual message in case of errors

The poultry isolator is constructed from fully seam welded stainless steel (AISI 304) panels with a gasketed polycarbonate observation cover, and it is equipped with glove ports for 3 pairs of neoprene gloves for internal manipulation.

The entire enclosure is leak tested and the filtration units are independently certified to confirm total integrity.

The pass-through system with the dual valve internal hose connection assure the internal wash down of the isolated area as well as the discharge of the droppings even if the tests or experiments are in progress.







Teljes befoglaló méret

Overall dimension:

(Hossz / Szélesség / Magasság )

1920 x 1150 x 1450 mm

( Length / Width / Height )

Isolated volume :

Izolált térfogat:

600 dm3

Isolated area :

Izolált felület:

1 m2



270 Kgs

Weight with water:

Vízzel töltött súly

390 Kgs

Range of pressure


-80 Pa… -20 Pa  (vacuum) és

+ 20 Pa… +80 Pa (over pressure)

Temperature control


Max. 33  °C +10%

Ha környezeti hőmérséklet min. 22 °C

If ambient temperature min. 22 °C

Electrical connection:

Elektromos csatlakozás

U = 230 VAC

I = 13,5 A

Electrical protection:

Elektromos védelem:









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